London Paris Transfer by 8 Seater Mini Bus

Paris is the capital of France and major European city. It is the global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Paris has one of the best city attractions in the world and there are a lot to see. You can book a trip from anywhere from UK to anywhere in Paris, France. You are in for an unforgettable and a breath-taking experience from the moment you start your journey from UK. The journey through UK’s and France’s countryside showcases the rural scene beautifully as you travel.

With BAtransfer you get a door to door service and best deal on transfers between London and Paris. You can book a luxury 8 seater mini bus Mercedes Vito for your comfort. Mercedes Vito accommodates 8 passengers, 6 medium bags and 6 to 8 hand luggages. You will have a memorable, enjoyable and a comfortable transportation from London to Paris via Euro tunnel or ferry. We pick you from anywhere in London and take you to the heart of the Paris.

You have two options to cross channel tunnel from UK

Option 1. Via Euro tunnel

The whole process of getting into the train with Mercedes Vito and travelling under the sea in the Euro tunnel is a wonderful experience. The Euro tunnel journey duration from Folkestone will take 25 - 35 minutes to reach Calais.

Option 2. Via Ferry

If you decided to go in the ferry, first step is loading the 8 seater mini bus Mercedes Vito in the Channel tunnel ferry and then you can visit the passenger deck of the ferry. In the summer time, going to the upper deck of the ferry overseeing the sea with cool sea breeze gives a wonderful experience. There are a couple of restaurants available in the ferry serving English breakfast and other food items throughout the sailing time. The total duration for crossing in the London Paris ferry takes 2 Hour and 30 Minutes including the loading and unloading of vehicles. You can also enjoy duty free shopping in the ferry during your sailing time.

It all depends on your choice to go through which ever route suits you well.

From Calais, you can decide one or two stopovers, if you want to have before you reach Paris. After travelling a 100km stretch on A16 towards Paris there is a wonderful place to have a break. There is also a service station alongside a pond with full of fishes. Not only you, but also your kids will have an unforgettable experience from that place.

Our charges includes tunnel, toll and other charges for one-way transfer. If you want, the driver will take you to any other destinations after your original drop-off place in Paris for which additional charges will apply. You can book a return journey from Paris to London with us on the same day or following day in a discounted price.

Please enquire with us for the best price for your transfer in Paris. We are serious about our service and aim to offer our customers the best service which they could expect. Here are some of the packages.

  •  Day trip to Paris from London (drop-off only) - £1800.00.
  •  London Paris Return (2 day trip / Drop and Pick-up only) - £2500.00.